"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have been so busy with our classes and paperwork packet the past few weeks! We have 2 more classes to go and then we will be ready for our first in home visit with our caseworker. They tell us not to be nervous, but I am sure I will be cleaning like crazy the day before she comes.

At our last homestudy class, we were able to hear from a Birthmother. She did such an awesome job of telling about her Journey. She also made an awesome statement that gave me goosebumps, "Some babies are born into families; some babies are born for families". We were very touched by her story and her willingness to answer everyone's questions. This was also our last class as a group, so now each of us begins to follow our individual journeys toward the children that God has planned for our families. We will continue to pray for each couple and hope to get updates along the way.

We have two families that we know who are very close to bringing their children home to their forever families. One couple will be adding twins to their family. The other couple will be adding a son. We continue to be in prayer for each of these birth families, adoptive families, the babies, and everyone that touches their journey. What amazing Blessings!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our first fundraiser, a Green For Gold party, was more successful than we had expected. It was so much fun to see the look on people's faces when they realized how much their gold was worth. It was also a great way to include our family and so many friends in this Journey. We placed a basket and envelopes on the table, along with the cutest piggy bank. Our guests were able to sell their gold and decide for themselves if they wished to donate. As the hosts of the party, we also received 15% of all sales. Our guests were very generous, and we have had many others who could not attend send donations for our adoption fund. We are almost halfway to raising our next fees!

Our next fundraising adventure will be a huge yard sale, which we are planning for April. We have put the word out for donation of items, and we will be gathering items soon. We hope to raise as much or more from the yard sale as we did with the gold party.

Adoption funds are hard to come by, and we feel so blessed to have so many of our friends, family, and church family step in and offer support. Our Journey continues, and we will have more updates in the coming weeks!